Sariska : English language training

.... Sariska provides specialised English language training programs and English
.... seminars for business and industry.

.... Our training is designed to give people the ability and self confidence to perform their jobs
.... effectively and successfully in an English-speaking environment. Our focus is on creating
.... value for clients by giving trainees knowledge and skills that bring clear returns.

English Language Training :
Sariska's highly successful, targeted English training programs help clients' improve their English skills while at the same time increasing their sensitivity to intercultural differences. Positive, focused training designed to motivate as well as educate, Sariska is the first choice for business and industry.

Unique Seminar Program :
Sariska's seminars combine high-quality specialist information in the subject area with professional English language training, a unique combination. With our strong links to trainers from a variety of specialist areas, Sariska also helps clients to construct their own seminar programs.
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